Forgotten Rooms

single-channel video installation. 5 min. HD. Silent

Kristina Kvalvik. 2016


Still from video


"I have always felt that such rooms possess great beauty even if there are no people in it; or perhaps precisely when there are none."
Vilhelm Hammershøi, 1907.


The video installation "Forgotten Rooms" explores the dark side of a place by referring to the traces that the past has left behind. At first glance, the work appears to be a static photograph, but on observing, one notices a subtle movement of the camera. It shifts from side to side, as if standing in front of a door looking into different rooms. Through external intervention and by inner transformation, the work deals with the ominous and unpredictable within physical decay and the human mind.

The video references "The Four Rooms" by Vilhelm Hammershøi.


Installation shot: A conversation with Vilhelm. Riddersalen. Kalundborg Museum. DK. 2016


"Forgotten Rooms" is supported by Danish Art Workshops.