City Heart

36 screen-channel video installation. 8 min. HD

Kristina Kvalvik. 2011 - 2013

woman: Alexandra-Annika Meyer
cinematography: Sophie Winqvist
script: Christoph Brandl
gaffer: Martin Lerche
production design: Monja Wiik
color grade: Simon Möller
sound design: Ask Kæreby
location: Matteo Canalis Wandel


1:18 min. excerpt


The viewer follows the protagonist through a city one dark winter’s night. Where is she going? Why are we following her? A city in the dark and the woman in the night set an ominous atmosphere, without giving concrete reasons as to why. This ambiguous narrative is based upon how we are seen and interpreted in the public sphere. All images in the work are from urban places and give an apocalyptic tone sweeping through the film.

The sculptural video installation comprises thirty-six TV screens assembled as a wall in the gallery space. Such masses of screens are familiar from surveillance and guardrooms, where the viewer can, at any given time, observe what is taking place in different streets and buildings. This mode of presentation, aims to overwhelm the viewer with visual information. Screens show various sequences from a single film, leaving it up to the viewer to form their own picture of what is taking place.



Installation shots: Over bekken etter vann. Norwegian Sculpture Biennial. Vigeland-museum. Oslo. Norway. 2013

Photo: Christina Leithe Hansen. Vigeland-museum


City Heart is supported by: Office for Contemporary Art Norway, The Danish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Point, Atelier Nord, Accademia di Danimarca, Sparebanken Møre, Institutionen San Cataldo.