Distant Landscape

single-channel video installation. 8:30 min. 8 mm transferred to video

Kristina Kvalvik. 2012

color grading & composite: Simon Möller
re - recording mixer: Ask Kæreby


1:39 min. excerpt


Distant Landscape consists of images of landscapes in which traces of movement of the film’s narrator are recognisable within the desolate surroundings. Short texts roll over the images, telling the story of someone in a close and sensual relationship with nature.


Excerpt from text

As I lay on the ground, a sudden feeling of intimacy arose. My fingers dug into the grass and my nose sank down to the mud. I inhaled the scent of grass and soil.


Installation shot: The Wonder of the I. Galleria Muracentoventidue. Bari, Italy. 2012


Distant Landscape is supported by: Office for Contemporary Art Norway, The Danish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Point.