single-channel video installation. 10 min. HD/Photo animation

Kristina Kvalvik / Simon Möller. 2006



1 min. excerpt


House presents a digitally constructed façade, typical of Swedish suburban architecture from the 1950s, called "Folkhemmet."

Over the course of the piece the façade slowly deteriorates. The inhabitants of the building are oblivious to this and go on with their daily activities. It is not these inhabitants that create the narrative in the work, but the changing state of the building. The power relation between the inhabitants and the viewer shifts when they look back at the viewer. At this point the viewer changes from being an observer to being observed.

House attempts to create a feeling of being outside, unable to change or influence the slowly changing façade.


Installation shot: En öppen stad. Konsthall C. Hökarängen, Sweden. 2006