Night Time Wanderer

single-channel video installation. 7:30 min. Photo animation

Kristina Kvalvik. 2010

motion graphics: Simon Möller


2 min. excerpt


Night Time Wanderer is an enigmatic film exploring the unconscious and the dream-like. A hidden story is uncovered through texts that reveal themselves in the interior environment of the work. These words are only visible for a small amount of time, before they dissolve and pass by.


Excerpt from text

I saw myself being controlled by an evil eye. I was seen, but unheard, when the lights unveiled me. The invisible became visible, and from a distance it seemed like a reflection in the eye. Who was this person looking, but never to be seen? It was the eye of the city, regarding, but never appearing.


Installation shots: Image/View. galleriBOX. Akureyri, Iceland. 2011

Photo: Christina Leithe Hansen