Notes From a Stranger

3 screen-channel video installation. 10 min. HD

Kristina Kvalvik. 2009

cinematographer/ post production: Simon Möller


1:11 min. excerpt


In the installation, the viewers find themselves positioned centre stage and are drawn into the work that deals subtly with an apocalyptic theme. The image sequences are shown in parallel on several large screens, whilst the narrator, like a literary character, is represented by a hand-written text. Visually we journey into a desolate urban landscape, reminiscent of an after the catastrophe movie, whilst texts describe how the body moves through these environments; the sense of desolation is accentuated by the work's soundscape. Notes From a Stranger engages with society's fear of loneliness and the constant search for companionship. 


Excerpt from text

I strolled around in different parts of the city. My voice slipped from my own to that of a stranger. The sound of the different environments blurred into another scene. A flow of words kept coming to me, like someone walking down the street.


Installation shots: What a Wonderful World. Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art. Göteborg, Sweden. 2009

Photo: Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art