Voices of the Unseen

2 screen-channel video installation. 7 min. HD/Photo animation

Kristina Kvalvik. 2008

narrator: Nadia Mazzoni
post production: Simon Möller


1 min. excerpt


Voices of the Unseen comprises a double screen video installation with a voiceover. The central character, depicted through the voiceover, is situated in a classical Scandinavian, urban environment; a street in a generic, timeless, middle class environment. Whilst we listen to her mind slowly unraveling, the images start to shift. It is early morning or late evening, still dark or just beginning to get dark. The only thing happening in the images is the mist slowly moving into one image and out of the other. Whilst the narrator describes her apartment, the viewer encounters two exterior pictures of a street, almost completely identical. The viewer is positioned midway between these images, as though standing in the street.


Excerpt from voiceover:

The room was pitch black. The only things I could see were parts of the blinds in front of the window. It was dark outside. But I could not tell whether it was day or night. The absence of light made me crazy and I could only think of the fact that I had to get up. I realised that instead of being relaxed I was becoming progressively more anxious. After planning to get up for a while, I finally made up my mind to begin a new day.


Installation shots: Voices of the Unseen. KHM. Malmö, Sweden. 2008

Photo: Terje Östling